Personal Bio

     I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Arizona. I lived in the same house in Mesa my whole life and I have had many great memories growing up in that house and around that neighborhood. I grew up with one sister and a younger brother. I was also blessed enough to be raised by my two amazing parents as well: Clayton and Denise.

Growing up in Arizona I did many of different things. I was not one to stay inside very often. I played baseball for 10 years of my life all the way from being 5 years old. Once I got into 9th grade, I joined other sports as well. I played football (2 years due to an injury), wrestling (3 years), and volleyball (2 years starting my sophomore year). I also was involved in marching band for 3 years starting from my sophomore year as well. In marching band I was a section leader for the trumpet players both junior and senior year. In my junior year, I also marched with The Academy Drum and Bugle Corp. I spent a summer touring with them along the coast performing in many of different stadiums and learned many of different skills from them as well.

After I graduated in the Spring of 2011 from high school, I went straight into community college. This was one of the most formative periods of my life. I went through a roller coaster of events during that time. I had some interesting jobs while I was going through school and pursuing my business degree. There was a period of time I even rebuilt a motorcycle and rode that for a year. After three long years of community college I finally graduated with an Associates in General Business and an Associates in General Studies. It wasn’t until my last semester at community college that I found myself wanting to pursue something different and it wasn’t until the last month or so that I really understood and felt my calling into ministry. It was a defining moment in church, after an extremely emotional time, that I really felt a calling from God to be in ministry full time. I talked with my pastor and several other people in my life who affirmed me in my belief and calling to be in ministry. From there, I found myself at Biola University.

Biola has been the most influential part of my life up to date. I landed at Biola University by complete luck and found myself falling in love with the campus and the school. After arriving in August 2014, I spent much of my time getting plugged into the community and being involved in whatever ways I could. I was actively engaged on my floor and pursued relationships deeply and intently while I was there. I also was involved with the CLC (Community Life Counsel) with helping bring about a campus wide Super Bowl Party. After that , I applied to be a Resident Advisor for the 2015-2016 school year and received the position. That year in Biola was my best year thus far.

I was privileged to run a floor with 28 guys on it. I was able to form relationships with these guys, walk through difficult and trying times, and have fun exploring different new areas with them.