My Mission

Why Now?

Growing up, I wanted to be several things in life. At a young age I wanted to be a police officer, or a professional musician of sorts, and even a restaurant owner. But those dreams and ideas changed as I was shaped to be the person God wanted me to be. I find myself in an interesting season of life. I went from a point of not knowing where I would be to having a full understanding of what God designed me from the beginning to become. Additionally, I am also glad it has taken me this long to get into ministry and to where I am at in my pursuit of my journey. After changing majors an not knowing where I was going to be, God clearly laid out a path for me. it took me years of being in college and understanding better where I am to know that I am at a place where God wanted me to be.

Reaching Students and Harkening Back

Part of the reason I think God put me here and now is so that I can harken students back to a simpler time. I never had things easy when I was growing up and still struggle with that as well. There has always been a theme of working hard in my life doing odd and end jobs growing up or simply having to work around the house for my money. I realize that I had a much different lifestyle growing up than many of the people I am currently surrounded by. I want to always look back and keep to some of my roots. In a day and age where people expect things instantly, it is important to look back and recognize where we have come from to gain an appreciation to what we have now. I believe that I people who are patient, work hard, and do physically demanding tasks are underappreciated and have a lot to offer to the church.

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

There has never been a better time for me to enter ministry. So much of my early life was defined by the things I thought I could accomplish on my own or complete without anyones help. Going to college at Biola University has truly shaped how I view my own work and even how I want to  incorporate others as time goes on and I learn to love others in the process. Six years ago when I was graduating high school, I did not care for much of anything other than myself and the work I was doing. I spent a lot of time in the church, but I also spent more time worrying about my own accomplishments. Since then, I have been on a journey of knowing who I am better to serve others and to bring forth change for those that I care about. I find myself in a season of desire: a desire to serve God, love others, worship Him well, be a light to the world, and a desire to seek out help and understanding from those who are wiser than I am or those who are not impressed by the works and accomplishments that I have done for the Kingdom of God.

My Mission

I want to help people understand their own past, the past of the church, and the the past of those they care about in order to bring about healthy, unhindered change to express their love, appreciation, and care for the Kingdom of God.

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