My Calling



My deep calling in life is to teach people to better understand scripture. Knowing scripture to me goes beyond applying it to a day to day lifestyle. This involves being educated on topics within the Christian faith that will motivate others to change how they live. It is important to have clear, distinct understanding of key foundations to Christian living. Furthermore, I want people to better understand and articulate their own beliefs and understanding on theological topics. This is why I want to work with students on having a strong faith and belief when they enter their schools or when they enter work. I believe that it is important for every christian to defend their faith for themselves first, then for the purpose of helping others.

People MatterĀ 

Another thing that I feel called to do is help people. I have been fortunate to have gained a lot of skills in life. I would consider my dad as a jack of all trades. I was able to learn under him and maintain the house, my car, and other aspects of life. I was then able to take that and apply that into my own life with all sorts of areas much farther than just household things. Because I have taken the time to learn all sorts of different tasks, I feel a deep conviction to help people. I want to be able to help people with their cars, painting their house, talking with them through difficult times, or simply just being a person that can go get them something from the store. My desire to help people has always driven me in my work, personal life, and ministry.

Caring for OthersĀ 

Finally, I feel called to be a counselor. Personally, I have had many experiences in my life that were both good and bad. Sadly, those bad experiences were really bad and have caused some major formative moments in my life growing up. Even the good times shaped me and made me who I am. Because of all of this, I want to be able to counsel people. By no means am I a professional counselor, but I want to offer support and love where support and love may not be given to people. I find joy in offering people my opinions on topics of discussion that might lead to change in a person’s life. I believe that students do not always have the best outlet for their feelings. Part of this is because of their age and the dependence they are seeking from their parents, but some of it may be the lack of parents or parent interest in their lives as they are growing up. Because of this, I want to provide help to those students in their time of need and hope.

The Point

God has given me certain scenarios in life and circumstances that no one else has had but me. I believe that it is my duty to use those circumstances to better people as they try and grow closer to God. It has become my calling to teach, help, and counsel.


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