Mexico 2017

Mexico Missions Trip 2017

I had the awesome opportunity to be a part of a leadership team that took high school students down to an orphanage in Mexico. I was an intern at Eastside Christian Church when this all happened. There were roughly 70-80 students who went down to Mexico to serve and help alongside an orphanage that Eastside founded years ago.

When we got there we started to unload our equipment and get to work. Once tents were set up, we went straight to work helping the community. At the orphanage, they had a severe problem. There was a small line that carried water down from a 1,000 gallon tank to the rest of the camp for showers, washing dishes, and other things. The line though for the tank was exposed in several different locations. Over time, rocks ended up falling on top of the line and breaking it, not just once but twice which led them to lose 2,000 gallons of water. We needed to fix this problem.

I was given a group of students to come and help them with the project. From there, we became know as the infamous Team Dirt. We worked tirelessly for hours shoveling dirt, cleaning out weeds, and moving water to cover up the pipe. Over the course of two days, we moved 30 tons of dirt into the trench and completely covered up the pipe they had there.

Another thing we did was work along side a group of older orphans in the area and helped the people at the dump. There is a small village of people there that live in the dump.We took students and leaders down there to help out with the people living there. We provided a pinata for the children, handed out items for them (toothpaste, hand sanitizer, wipes, diapers, shampoo, etc.), and also had a crew of people washing their dishes.

It was amazing to work along side people in this community that do not have much and are considered the outcast of the community. Even more so, it was so encouraging to bring the Gospel to these people and share with them the saving grace that only Jesus can provide.