Welcome to my Website!!! Feel free to explore the different pages to learn about who I am, my passions, and the things I enjoy. Most importantly, have fun!

Whenever you meet someone new, you typically want to know more about them and who they are. My about section is a great place to learn about who I am, my personal convictions, and what I like to do for fun!


I made a page here on my website so you have easy access to my resume. If you are a potential employer or you just want to see some of the places I have worked at, then take a moment to look at my resume.


Everyone needs a break once in awhile. I have enjoyed writing and seeing what God has put on my heart to write about. I am hoping to write about a large area of topics as I continue to be led by God to write and to bring about change.


I have been blessed enough to have my sermons recorded! Although I have spoke more times than what has been recorded, these are some of my best ones so far. Feel free to watch them to see how I do presenting in front of others, or simply to have an uplifting message to help you throughout your day.


As I have learned more and more over the years, I have gained an interest in equipping and educating youth. If you want to see more about the specific area I want to research check out this page.


I had the amazing opportunity to go to Mexico with a group of high school students and impact an amazing community of believers and reach out to those who might not have heard the Gospel before. To learn more about what I did and some of the accomplishments I had there, head over to my service page!